Savor These Lies

by The Windermeres

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Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Noise Gate Studios by Ross McAfee over a couple days January and one really long day in March of 2013.


released March 8, 2013

Produced by Ross McAfee and Chris G

Shane Williams plays Guitar and Solos but not on this recording; because if he did, they would be even more awesome

Jose Trujillo played Bass and sang Gang Vocals

Aaron Sidrow played Drums and Cymbals

Chris G wrote Songs, sang Vocals and played Guitars

Additionally, Ross McAfee played played seven or eight notes on guitar on "In Case You Haven't Heard" and they sound really good. Ross also sang Gang Vocals.

Justin Cantrell sang Gang Vocals. He also sang a backing vocal--including a quick harmony--on "Better Bandage Those Hands"



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The Windermeres Denver, Colorado

The Windermeres are a punk rock band from Denver, Colorado. They formed in December of 2012. They named their band after a street in their home town.

They self released an album in 2014 called, "Anthem Of The Recession Generation." In 2016 FTLP Records released their second album, "Continental Divide."

Andrew - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Chris - Vocals, Guitar
Jeremy - Drums, Backing Vocals
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Track Name: Piercing the Icewall
I never wanted this and I never did
I'd be lying if I said different
When it all goes down there will still be beans to count
When it all goes down you'll find me in the lost and found
It's so much easier to beg for forgiveness
Than it it is to ask for your permission
Track Name: Better Bandage Those Hands
Better bandage those hands
Better wrap them real tight
You know what you're in for?
One hell of a fight

Don't put your faith in the mirror
It's only telling you lies
Sex and drugs and religion won't save you
Salvation comes from inside

You can go ahead and turn that lock now
You won't be leaving the house
You can shut off the front door light
No one is gonna help you out

Oh I know that you are still angry
--So easy to hate yourself
Hate makes you blind to feeling
Much of anything else
Track Name: In Case You Haven't Heard
Another year was born and died
Past choices keep your hands tied
One bitter heart so long denied
One soul that screams, "I am alive!"

Don't wait for me:
For I am like the wind
I'm ready to begin
You can move along
I'm already gone

In case you haven't heard: I'm getting the right fuck out of here!

I'm getting out of here tonight
I'm getting out I'm taking flight
If only in my mind
It's just a waste of time
A breath inside the wind

Well you thought you could out run
All the thing you haven't done
Tepidly holding on
To trophies you haven't won