Dear Bob, Promo

by The Windermeres



Come you masters of war,
You that build the guns.
You that own the corps.
You that hide behind desks
You with lies for walls
I see through your masks.

Put a gun into my hand now and hide from my eyes.
Behind closed doors you will laugh, around me bullets fly.
And I can see through your eyes now--I see through your brain
Like I see through clear water running down my drain.

My drain.

Tell me is your money so, oh so fucking good?
Tell me will it buy forgiveness?
Tell me do you think it could?
What could ever, what could ever sate your lust for gold?
Would it be enough to fill your mansion?
Would it be enough to buy a soul?

And everybody finds their death now--I hope your's comes soon.
And I will follow your casket on that pale afternoon.
And I will watch as you're lowered for your final rest.
And I will stand upon your grave until I know you're dead

You're dead.
Until I know you're dead.


released June 18, 2014



all rights reserved


The Windermeres Denver, Colorado

The Windermeres are a punk rock band from Denver, Colorado. They formed in December of 2012. They named their band after a street in their home town.

Bob plays Drums and Cymbals!
Chris writes Songs, Sings, and plays Guitar!
Jose plays Bass and has awesome hair!
Andrew plays Guitar and does Solos!

The Windermeres like to play live. Hit us up--we'd love to see your home town.
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